Sunday, February 16, 2014

Infinite Crisis

Play Infinite Crisis, the free-to-play MOBA featuring destructive combat and powerful DC Comics champions including Batman, Superman, The Joker, and more!

You find the INFINITE CRISIS here.^^

Try the game that is free.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Asura by George Akiyama

Asura is an upcoming 2012 Japanese anime film directed by Keiichi Sato and based on a manga by George Akiyama.
The film will be released in Japanese on September 29, but will be screened in its world premiere at the Festival d'Annecy in the coming days, which will be in competition.
The film uses a mixed 2D/3D with a yield rather original watercolor effect.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Dies Irae Amantes Amentes

As the Soviet Union marches on Berlin in May of 1945, a secretive group of sorcerers and madmen gathers to perform a terrible ritual. They care nothing for the fate of the Reich. To them, the countless lives lost in the battle are the perfect sacrifice to fuel their spell. After the war, they vanish and are not heard from again, except in rumor. One day, it is whispered, they will return. And on that day, the world will end. Fear the demons in human form. Fear the Longinus Dreizehn Orden.

Flash forward to present-day Japan. Fujii Ren is released from the hospital after two months spent recovering from wounds suffered in a vicious brawl with his best friend Shiro. As Christmas approaches, he tries to rebuild his life, clinging to what brilliance remains. But even that is soon threatened. For the knights of the LDO have returned, and brought the apocalypse to his doorstep.

From top visual novel studio Light, Dies irae - Amantes Amentes is an epic story packed with supernatural combat, larger-than-life characters, and unbelievable twists. Forced to wield the same unholy power as his foes, will Ren be able to protect what is dear to him from the inhuman might of the Longinus Dreizehn Orden?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pac-Man Fan Movies

Sunday appointment with fan movies, enjoying today a very original video.
I have always wondered what kind of movie could be done on a character of video games such as Pac-Man, I play it for a lifetime I have also taken the new version of PS3 even called Pac-Man Championship Edition DX.
I consider this game eternally fun, but I never thought to see him in a movie fan with a convincing storyline.
In a Fan Movie you see now, amazingly the plot exists...ok, ok .... it will not be movie of the year but defends and lets you watch.
Wako, Wako, Wako, Wako!!!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Flash NEW52 Edition 1/10 PVC Figure

As fan as I am about the world of comics of the DC Universe, this beautiful PVC figures of one of my favorite characters that The Flash could not escape me.
Produced by Kotobukiya, should be put on the market in January 2013.
For those who do not know the character, with a brief description attached great video.

Flash is a comic book character created by Gardner Fox and Harry Lampert in 1940, published by DC Comics.
It is a superhero with the power to move at incredible speed, defying the laws of physics.
The capacity of the various Flash (there are other Flash) derive from their connection to the Speed-Force, a source of extra-dimensional energy.
This connection allows to Flash the ability to control the kinetic energy.
Flash is able to move at incredible speeds being able to exceed several times the speed of light, when Flash is moving is invisible even to super-fast beings such as Superman.
Besides movement speed Flash also has an amazing speed of thought and reflections of combat highest was able to do an entire fight in a picosecond and perceives the world as if it were stationary.
His speed allows him to walk on water, ceilings or even in the air.
By vibrating the molecules of your body to super-speed, Flash can pass through solid objects or be crossed without consequences.

Amazing...The Flash is a great.

Friday, August 31, 2012


Brave10 is one of those anime that should not be underestimated, an anime that interests me very much.

Brave10 is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kairi Shimotsuki.
After some rumors of the end of the first manga in August 2011 on the official website of Brave10 was released the first teaser animated adaptation, a TV anime series is the first manga.
This anime is aired from January 7, 2012 on TV Kanagawa and other networks.
Brave10 is set in the Sengoku period (1478-1605), an era in which Japan was divided into small feudal statelets which tended to war for supremacy.
Because of the ambition of a man of these statesthe sanctuary of Izumo is burned and his people killed.
Just a girl managed to escape the massacre, the priestess Isanami that runs into the woods, he comes across Kiragakure Saizo, a masterless samurai who has a tendency to seek opponents stronger than him to beat.
Isanami, soon realizes that he can trust Saizou, so she asks him to accompany her to Ueda.
The young samurai, despite not want to shoulder the responsibility of the girl, is forced by a series of events to protect her.